Lesson plans for primary-school-age children

We are pleased to announce the launch of five interactive and fun lesson plans for children of upper primary age. Our lesson plans are easy to use and designed for use in the classroom, children’s club or at home.

Each one takes children on a journey to help them explore the issues of global poverty and disability and empower them to be advocates for change.

Lesson 1 A trip to Granymede
Lesson Sheets 1.pdf
Resource 1.1.pdf
Resource 1.2.pdf
Resource 1.3.pdf
Resource 1.4.pdf
Resource 1.5 - A3.pdf
Resource 1.6 - A3.pdf
  Lesson 2  That's Funny
Lesson Sheets 2.pdf
Resource 2.1 - A3.pdf
Resource 2.2 - A3.pdf
Resource 2.3.pdf
Resource 2.4.pdf
Resource 2.5.pdf
Resource 2.6 - A3.pdf
  Lesson 3 - Hero Quest
Lesson Sheets 3.pdf
Resource 3.1 - Bricks.pdf
Resource 3.1 - Keys.pdf
Resource 3.2.pdf
Resource 3.3 - A3.pdf
Resource 3.4.pdf
Lesson 4 Voice
Resource 4.1.pdf
Resource 4.2.pdf
Lesson Sheets 4.pdf
  Lesson 5 Dreams
Lesson Sheets 5.pdf
Resource 5.1.pdf
Resource 5.2.pdf

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