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  • Gender Based Violence and Sexual Abuse

    TAGS:  Disability, gender, poverty, sexual abuse, triple jeopardy, violence, women

    Women and girls with disability have a dramatically increased risk of sexual abuse and violence.

    The facts are sobering: Women with a disability are two to three times more likely to be physically or sexually abused than women without a disability.[1] Women with disability are also most vulnerable to this abuse in their own homes[2] and women with an intellectual disability are especially at risk. [3]

    Did you also know that in some countries up to 70 percent of women[4] or girls will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

  • My Story: Gilbert

    TAGS:  advocacy, attitudes, CBR, Disability, ghana, inclusion, Mental Health, participation, person with disability, rights of persons with disability, short-film, social inclusion, video

    "Enough is Enough" is what 15 year old Gilbert said, when he took his first steps against the ongoing exclusion and discrimination he faced due to his disability.

    Today Gilbert is a teacher, a community leader and a strong advocate for the rights of people with disability, challenging the attitude of society toward people with disability.

    Watch our latest video of Gilbert sharing his story about how he stepped out of the cycle of poverty and disability through CBR.
  • What is Community Based Rehabilitation - CBR

    TAGS:  aid, attitudes, CBR, community, Community Based Rehabilitation, development, Disability, inclusion, poverty, who

    A community worker in Tanzania regularly visits Grace through the rehabilitation process. Photo: CBM/Pflanz

    Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is something we read and talk about a lot in development. But what is it really, and how did it come about?

    In the 1970's, the WHO, facing challenges in extending primary health care to poor countries, began shifting support from centre-based institutions to the community in order to provide better support and assistance to people with disabilities. According to the WHO "Community Based Rehabilitation evolved as a...
  • A giant step towards better health for people with disabilities

    TAGS:  CBM, data collection, Disability, disability action plan, healthcare, human rights, well-being, who, world health organisation

    On Friday, May 23 2014, the World Health Assembly adopted the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Disability Action Plan 2014 – 2021. CBM worked closely with WHO and other partners to help develop this plan.

    This Action Plan provides a clear direction on how to improve access to healthcare for people with disabilities globally, including those living in the poorest communities.

    Currently people with disabilities are three times more likely to be denied healthcare services than those without disability and only half of people with disabilities...
  • What does women empowerment mean?

    TAGS:  education, gender, inclusion, inequality, legal, participation, school, women

    When gender inequality stops women with a disability from participating in the community, everyone suffers. Statistically, women with a disability are more vulnerable to poverty than men with disabilities. And despite being more affected they often have fewer opportunities to overcome it.

    So, how can these issues be addressed? Here are three examples of what women's empowerment means:

    1.    Access to school and work: Girls with disabilities are least likely of all children to attend school, and so have fewer social connections and fewer skills with...
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