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  • Stella Young comedienne, writer and disability advocate dies age 32

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    Vale Stella Young.

    CBM Australia is shocked and saddened by the unexpected death of writer, comedienne and disability advocate Stella Young, who has passed away at age 32.

    Stella Young was a presenter and voice for CBM’s End the Cycle campaign, promoting a greater understanding of the ways poverty and disability are linked. She was passionate about gender equality, and spoke out about the double disadvantage women with disability often face.

    By adding her name and voice to CBM’s cause, Stella promoted CBM’s life-changing work and the...
  • Attitudes and Barriers

    TAGS:  attitudes, barriers, Disability, discrimination, IDPD, IDPWD, inclusion, international day of people with disability, training, workplace

    We often speak about the fact that “attitudes are the biggest barriers” to people living with a disability. So what exactly do we mean by “attitudinal barriers” and what impact do they make?

    Negative attitudes can present barriers for people with disability. Image, Cartoon: an attitudinal thought bubble coming from a person's head, creates a barrier a person with a disability walks into. Drawing by Julie Smith

    People with disabilities can face various barriers to participating in life in the same way that their peers do. The most...
  • Make Your Attitude Count!

    TAGS:  attitudes, barriers, Disability, IDPWD, prejudice, stigma

    December 3 is the International Day of People with Disability and this year CBM Australia and End the Cycle, along with some of our partners focus on the topic of attitudes around disability.
    The reality is, people with disabilities often encounter negative attitudes – and these can present a barrier to achieving their full potential.

    In this short video called “Changing Attitudes Changes Lives” people with disabilities share some of the attitudes they have encountered and challenge perceptions towards disabilities....
  • Coming into the Light

    TAGS:  cambodia, gender, gender, IWDA, violence

    Champey* is one of the participants of the Triple Jeopardy education and research program, conducted in Phnom Penh.

    Champey acquired a disability in a traffic incident, and experienced violence as a woman with disability. She spoke with International Women's Development Agency (IWDA, a Triple Jeopardy partner) about her experiences.

    Looking back at her life before the Triple Jeopardy program, Champey says, she feels like she was a different person. Women with disabilities are often hidden away and made to "live in the dark" in Khmer society. It is believed their...
  • Triple Jeopardy

    TAGS:  gender, IWDA, triple jeopardy, violence

    In 2013, a research project called Triple Jeopardy was conducted in Cambodia by CBM Australia and partner organisations (including IWDA and others), with funding from Australian Government.

    Image: IWDA/Olivier, Cambodian Women Taking Part in a Focus Group Meeting

    The research was called Triple Jeopardy because it looked at the interplay between gender, poverty and disability. And it found that women with disabilities experienced much higher levels of all forms of violence within their family.

    In fact, women with disabilities are much more...
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